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The Meadow of Winds
Vanari Pegasi Adoptions
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11th-Feb-2006 10:19 am(no subject)
flair in my heart

Been a right long time since I posted in here. What .. a couple of months (*cough*morelikeeightmonths*cough*) because I just didn't have the time for anything with the summer classes going on. And then I switched from my desktop G4 minitower Mac to a G4 iBook, and because of the change, my old Astra scanner with USB support wouldn't work. So Dad had to get me one of his scanners, an Astra 6450 with firewire support. It's a nice scanner, really. Actually scans and doesn't make my Prismacolors look like shit.

Anyway, we had to order third-party software in order to run it on my laptop, and then it wasn't working properly for months and months, and I didn't have the time to figure out why. But, it turns out, all the scanner needed was a different power adapter. Works perfectly fine now.

Which brings us to the important part of this post. The adoptions. I'm going to redo the Pegasi, so those won't be avaliable for a while, and they will remain rare, because ZOMG, WINGS! drive me batty. So, I've got some other things in the works as well. You'll see when the time comes.

I've also decided to do colored pencil art rather than colored computer art, mainly because I don't really have the time for major rounds of computer art, and it's way easier for me to color with pencils. And since my Prismas don't look like shit on the scanner, I'll probably be using them more, as well as the new RoseArt colored pencils I got the other day.

That said, I have a picture to share, hand-drawn, scanned and colored by RoseArt pencils. It's a quagga, and Lex knows what's up with it. XD XD XD

Half-striped! Quagga!Collapse )
23rd-May-2005 08:20 pm - Wilds #1 - Results!
flair in my heart
Wow, what a Preakness that was, little Alex almost ended on his nose, but the machine of a horse that he is got his feet under him and kept on going. Too bad he lost the Derby by only a length, he would have been a great Triple Crown champion. Oh well, onwards and upwards to Big Sandy and "The Test of Champions" and then the Travers (a.k.a the Midsummer Derby) and then the Breeder's Cup Classic to whomp Ghostzapper and wrest the Horse of the Year title from him!

Anyway, the results of the draw are in!

Congrats to:

and SunBlind!

Pick up your Pegasus and remember to take only the one that's for you. Don't forget to upload it to your own harddrive or mad little winged ponies will come after you and trample you (believe me, horse hooves hurt)

All information can be found on the parents list.

Once you've got it paged, submit your URL

21st-May-2005 09:15 am - Wild Draw- Batch #1!!!
flair in my heart
Happy Preakness Day everyone! I'm hoping to see Alex come back and kick butt in the race, but Malibu Moonshine is my newcomer pick because he really really likes Pimlico. I don't want to see Giacomo get the race -- not because I don't like him, but because I can't take the suspense of the Belmont anymore. This has been like the fourth year in a row where we've had a Derby/Preakness winner lose the Belmont (and last year, it was by the narrowest margins.) It's too much stress for me to keep hoping for that Triple Crown winner every single year.

Well, here they are, Batch #1 of the Vanari Pegasi! I rather like all of them, wanna keep 'em for myself, but ... I've got to adopt something out or I'll never be able to let anyone go. ^^;

The choices are:


If you'd like to try for one of these guys (and gals) fill out the following form:


Don't forget to read the rules! :D
10th-May-2005 03:42 pm - Derby Day Draw Winner!
flair in my heart
So Giacomo won the Derby at odds of 50-1. Wow. And Closing Arguement had even higher odds. Definitely a bizarre little race, the rabbit took out all the big shooters. Got a gut feeling there won't be a Triple Crown though, Pimlico's such a quirky little track that a deep closer can't possible win coming from behind like that.

Anyway, the draw winner, courtesy of the web dice at irony.com is ...

Whoooo can the winner beeeeee?Collapse )

Please link to http://rivanara.dreamswept.com/

And e-mail me his URL when he's posted (or just post it here)

The first batch of wilds will be up for a draw soon (just as soon as I get them colored) :D
6th-May-2005 01:52 pm - The Run for the Roses!!
flair in my heart
The Kentucky Oaks is about to run! Go Summerly!

This is it! The big Grand Opening for the Vanari Pegasi. The first ever draw, and this one's a special one.

Tomorrow's a Big Day in Kentucky (tm) and I'll be shackled to the couch with potato chips, limeade, ice cream, lotsa goodies while I watch the ponies (with the occasional trip back and forth to and from my computer.)

So in honor of that day, I present the first ever Vanari Pegasus draw. This stallion has a bouqet of roses on his tail (I wanted to do a wreath, but it didn't work out) and is currently uncolored. Following the race, he will be colored the coat color of the winning horse and his wings will take the color of the winning jockey's silks.

The Derby Special DrawCollapse )

If you 'd like to participate in this draw, I'll need the following:


This will close tomorrow (5/7) at Derby post time (6:04 EST)

Edit: 5/7

Giacomo wins the Derby. The winner for this draw will be announced soon.
5th-May-2005 07:19 pm(no subject)
flair in my heart
Ok, change in plans. XD

I have actually managed to draw seven Wilds. Six will be for the first Wild draw, which won't take place until Sunday, or Monday. However, the seventh is special (as in he has a big bunch of roses on his butt) and will kick off the grand opening of the Vanari Pegasi for a special Kentucky Derby Day Draw.

So here's his picture (yes, he's a stallion, since there's no fillies in this year's edition of the race) and he'll be colored the color of the winner (with markings, etc.) and his wings will be the color of the winning horse's jockey silks.

The Derby Special DrawCollapse )
5th-May-2005 12:49 pm(no subject)
Here it is, the first big post for this little LJ. Which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside at actually being able to accomplish this.

Anyway, welcome to the Vanari Pegasai adoptions. Nice lil winged ponies and all that. I've got most of the webpage done, all the info, the local Herd, parents lists, stuff like that. Worked on the four wilds I'll be adopting out last night. I've actually got six, but two of them were too tres cool for me to give up, so I'm keeping them, nyah nyah.

Watch this community for further updates, and for the first batch of wilds. It'll probably happen sometime this weekend (providing I don't get sidetracked with the Kentucky Derby and all) so that I don't manage to get them colored. If not this weekend, then sometime next week.
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